Math 448 Scientific Computing

In this course, students will learn to use MATLAB to implement numerical algorithms.

This software is currently free to our CI Students.

Octave is a free version of MATLAB. You can also try on Octave Online.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

  •  examine, design and characterize approximation procedures called algorithms
  •  implement algorithms using appropriate Numerical Software (MATLAB)
  • approximate solutions (roots) of equations in one variable
  • use interpolation and polynomial approximation
  •  explore numerical differentiation and integration
  • approximate solutions to Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations.

This course is also an Upper Division (Interdisciplinary) General Education Course. Since there will be many writing assignments during the semester, one component of this course is usingĀ $\LaTeX$, a type-setting software that creates PDF documents with beautiful math symbols.

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