Cynthia V. Flores - CV

Short Curriculum Vitae

January 1, 2023

California State University, Channel Islands
Bell Tower East 2762
One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012



Phone: (805) 437-3716


Assistant Professor California State University, Channel Islands 2014-Present


Ph.D. Department of Mathematics, University of California Santa Barbara, 2014,

Dissertation: “Properties of solutions to the IVP for the Benjamin-Ono equation in weighted Sobolev spaces,” Advisor: Gustavo Ponce

M.S. Department of Mathematics, California State University Northridge, 2009,

Dissertation: “Manifolds with isotropic Ricci curvature,” Advisor: Maria Helena Noronha

B.A. Department of Mathematics, California State University Northridge, 2007


M. D’Elia, C. Flores, X. Li, P. Radu, Y. Yu, Helmholtz-Hodge decompositions in the nonlocal framework: Well-posedness analysis and applications, (2020) Preprint: arXiv:1908.08624

C. Flores, D.L. Smith, S. Oh. Stabilization of dispersion-generalized Benjamin-Ono equation. AMS Contemporary Mathematics (2019) 725 pp 111-135, Preprint: arXiv:1709.10224

C. Flores, D.L. Smith. Control and stabilization of periodic fifth-order Korteweg-de Vries equation. arXiv:1706.04798 Forthcoming in ESAIM COCV

C.F-- Control and stability of the linearized dispersion-generalized Benjamin-Ono equation on a periodic domain. Math. Control Signals Syst. (2018) 30: 13.

C.F--On decay properties of solutions to the IVP for the Benjamin-Ono equation. J. Dynam. Differential Equations 25 (2013), no. 4, 907–923.


S. Bañuelos, T. Danet, C. Flores, A. Ramos. An Epidemiological Math Model Approach to a Political System with Three Parties. CODEE Journal: Linking Differential Equations to Social Justice and Environmental Concerns (2019) 12 pp 83 – 93.

A. Kryshchenko, C. Flores, O. Alexander, A. Nelson, C. Sillas, “CURES: Ventura County Prescription Data,” CBR@CSUCI: An annual volume of community-based research (2019) 1.

A. Kryshchenko, C. Flores, T. Barroso, A. Hernandez, N. Huerta, A. Mora-Larscheid, “Chronic Disease Prevention Program,” CBR@CSUCI: An annual volume of community-based research (2019) 1.


S. Bañuelos, C. Flores Cluster Hiring is working for us: two early career Latinas in math, To appear in the Notices of the AMS, Sept. 2019

A. Alvarez, M. Español, A. Faridani, C. Flores, A. Marr, E. Newman, J. McNulty, R. Nugent, A. Seneres, M. Shott, W. V´elez, E. Walker. The PCMI workshop for mentors: A weeklong workshop on diversity, Notices of the AMS (2018) 65:5, pp 586–591.


2023 NASA University Student Research Challenge, Co-PI, student PI: Trent Ruiz

2019 I-USE Award HSI SMART STEM Model for Accelerating Research and Teaching, Co-PI

2019 NSF Infrastructure California Alliance for PUMP, Co-PI

2018  NSF AGEP California Alliance for Hispanic Serving Institutions, Co-PI

2016-18 PUMP Undergraduate Research Groups Grant, Co-PI
2016-17 Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Grant, Co-PI
2016-17 CSU Chancellor’s Office Virtual Lab Grant, Co-PI
2017 TRiO SSS Collaborative Faculty Award
2015-16 PUMP Undergraduate Research Groups Grant, PI
2015-16 CSU Chancellor’s Office Virtual Lab Grant, Co-PI
2015 CSUCI Center for Integrative Studies Support for Undergraduate SRAs
2015 CSUCI Center for Multicultural Engagement Social Justice Award
2015 CSUCI Center for Community Engagement Best Practices Recognition in Service Learning
2014 UCSB Academic Senate Graduate Student Travel Award
2012 Department of Mathematics Graduate Merit Award, University of California Santa Barbara
2009 Department of Mathematics Merit Fellowship, Cal State University Northridge
2009 Association of Retired Faculty Memorial Award for Research, Cal State University Northridge
2008 NSF GK-12 Fellowship, Department of Mathematics, Cal State University Northridge
2008 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship, Cal State University System
2007 NSF MCTP Fellowship, Department of Math, Cal State University Northridge
2006 Abel Scholarship, Department of Mathematics, Cal State University Northridge


"An introductory treatise on classical and nonlocal flux and gradient operators with selected applications," Juan Jose Hernandez, Spring 2022.

"Numerical simulation of fluid flow and applications to atmospheric and oceanic flows,"  Matt Costa,  Summer 2019

"Matrix factorizations of polynomial and trigonometric functions," Ivan Toledo, Fall 2018

“Unique continuation properties of dispersive equations,” Donna Murphy, Spring 2017

“The IVP for Burgers’ equation and the optimal control of traffic flow,” Mayra Sahagun, Summer 2016

“A survey on numerical and analytic solutions to the IVP for the Burgers’ equation,” Nicholas Desautles, Summer 2015


2018 “Diversity in Mathematics”

Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA

2018 “On getting a Math PhD” -Panelist

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women Mathematicians, Lincoln, NE

2016 “Getting Pumped for Applied Math”

Youngstown State University, OH September 2016

2016 “Super Heroes and Mathematicians”

Girls Inc. Carpentaria, CA, August 2016

2016 “Constructing Solutions: a PUMP URG project”

MathFest, Columbus, OH, August 2016

2016 “PUMPed for a Math PhD,”

PUMP Summer Institute, CSU Northridge, July 2016

2016 “Latinas in Mathematics”

8th Annual Conference for Social Justice in Education, CSUCI, April 2016

2015 “PDEs for Math Clubs,”

CSU Northridge Math Club, October 2015

2015 “Math Clubs as a Service Learning Opportunity,”

CSUCI CCE Community Tour

2015 “Journey to a PhD: PUMP Symposium,”

Cal Poly Pomona, July 2015

2015 “Noche de Familia!”

Noche de Familia Faculty Welcome

2015 “Si, Se Puede/On Fractional Derivatives and applications to PDEs,”

CSUCI Math Seminar, April 8, 2015

2015 “Harmonic Analysis techniques and decay properties of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equation” Harvey Mudd College, UG Math Colloquium, February 4, 2015
2014 “The IVP for the Benjamin-Ono equation in weighted Sobolev spaces”

Graduate Math Seminar, CSU Channel Islands, September 2014

2014 “Defining Lebesgue spaces and applications to PDEs.”

UG Seminar, CSU Channel Islands, September 10, 2014

2014 “Math Talks: A Journey towards a Ph.D.”

LSAMP, CSU Channel Islands, February 28, 2014, PUMP, Cal Poly Pomona, July 22, 2014

2013 “On decay properties of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equation”

AMS Sectional Meetings, Temple University, October 12-13, 2013

2013 “The tools of Fourier Analysis”

NSF M.C.T.P. Inspirational Talks, CSU Northridge, July 2013,

2012 “The IVP for the Benjamin-Ono equation in weighted Sobolev spaces”

Applied Mathematics Faculty Colloquium, CSU Northridge, September 2012



Session Organization

2016 WM^3: Workshop on Mentoring Math Majors, CSU Northridge
2016 Joint Math Meetings, Seattle WA Integrating Writing in Undergraduate (Math) Courses



Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, CSU Channel Islands 2014-Present

Probability and Measure Theory

Topics in Partial Differential Equations

Graduate Student Seminar

Ordinary Differential Equations

Scientific Computing

Partial Differential Equations

Differential Geometry

Modern Math for Elementary School Teachers II (Service Learning course)

Capstone for Teachers

Independent Studies—Data Analytics; Voter Theory; Linear Algebra and Real Analysis topics

Instructor of Record, Department of Mathematics UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2011,

Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers

Differential Calculus and Applications

Instructor of Record, California Nanosystems Institute SIMS program, UC Santa Barbara 2011-2013

Incoming freshman transition program

Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus and Applications

Instructor of Record, Department of Mathematics, CSU Northridge, Fall 2008

Mathematical Ideas for the Life Sciences

NSF GK-12 Fellow, Department of Mathematics, CSU Northridge and Sepulveda Middle School, 2007-2009

Upward Bound Mathematics Instructor, Los Angeles Valley College Student Affairs, Summer 2010


PUMP URG Research Mentor, CSU Channel Islands, Mathematics Department, AY 2015-16 & AY 2016-17 &AY 2017-2018

Center for Undergraduate Research Mentor, AY 2016-17

Summer REU Research Mentor, CSU Channel Islands, Mathematics Department, Summer 2015

Junior Mathematician, NAVAIR Ranges Department, Naval Air Systems Command, Point Mugu, CA, January 2007


CSUCI Committees

DSC STEAM Education, 2018

Mini-grant Review Committee 2017-2018

Research and Sponsored Programs Advisory 2017-2018

DSC Political Science for Associate Professor, 2016

Interim Dean Search Committee, 2016

DSC Mathematics, 2015

DSC Political Science, 2015

Math Department Best TA Selection Committee, 2015-Present

WebWork Liaison for Mathematics Program 2015-Present

ChilFaSa Member, 2015-Present

Academic Senate, 2014-Present

Student Research Steering Council, 2014-2015

Mini-Grant and UNIV 498 Review Committee 2014-2015

DSC Political Science, 2014


Community Engagement

CSUCI Critical Friends Group, 2017

OpenCI Ambassador, 2017-2018

Workshop of Increasing Minority Participation in Mathematics, Summer 2017

CSUCI@SACNAS Co-organizer, Fall 2016

CSU Workshop on Mentoring Math Majors Co-organizer Fall 2016

Bedtime Math (VC STEM initiatives) Math Consultant, Summer 2016

Project ALAS Fellowship (CILC), CSU Channel Islands, 2015-2016

Project NeXT Fellowship, MAA, 2015-16

CSUCI African-American Girls Expanding Mathematics Co-organizer, Spring 2016

CSUCI 8th Annual SAGE Student Research Conference Moderator, May 2016

National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences Pre-doctoral student Mentor, 2014-Present

CSUCI Math REU Research Mentor, Summer 2015

CSUCI 7th Annual SAGE Student Research Conference Poster Judge, May 2015

Math Club Co-organizer, Department of Mathematics and University Preparation School 4th and 5th graders, 55 participants, Camarillo, 2014-2015

Project ISLAS Fellow and Ambassador, CSU Channel Islands, 2014-2015

Project ACCESSO Instructor, CSU Channel Islands, Fall 2014

SACNAS Undergraduate Research Poster Judge, SACNAS National Meeting, October 2014

Founding President, University of California Santa Barbara Student Chapter of the Society of Industrial and Applied Math, 2012

STEEM (incoming math transfer student program) Mentor and Tutor, Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships, and Department of Mathematics, UC Santa Barbara, 2011-2014

SIMS Graduate Workshop Leader, California Nanosystems Institute, and Department of Mathematics, UC Santa Barbara, 2011-2014

Graduate School Panel Participant, Pacific Coast Undergraduate Math Conference, on several occasions


Familiar with: MATLAB, HTML, LaTeX, Java, C, C++, Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS.

Native English and Native Spanish speaker (can read and write proficiently)


Faculty Spotlight, Channel Magazine (link), by Zoe Lance May, 2019

Math Professor Shines at CI, The CI View (link), by Vyctorya Thomas-Vanzant April 18, 2019

KVTA Morning Show Radio Interview April 8, 2019

Pinning Down Uncertainty: Scientific American Blog (link) February 28, 2019

My Favorite Math Theorem Podcast Episode 37 (link) February 27, 2019

AHA! Presents About Education Radio Interview & Podcast February 20, 2019

UAEH Articles including Matemáticos se Reúnen (link) November-December, 2019

Lathisms Podcast Series: Hispanic Heritage Month, by Evelyn Lamb September 28, 2018

PUMPed About Math, The Notices of the American Mathematical Society, April 2016

Get to know mathematics at CSUCI, YouTube Faculty Profile (link), Jan 2016

University aims to encourage Latinas to pursue careers in mathematics, The Camarillo Acorn,

by Julie Mondimore Wilke, May 2015

Math and love: Odd pairing or perfect match? Ventura County Star, by Cheri Carlson, Feb 2015