I am a faculty member at CSU Channel Islands in the department of Mathematics. I enjoy studying nonlinear dispersive equations.

I enjoy teaching Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation courses and Numerical Analysis (Scientific Computing) both in our undergraduate and MS programs. I also enjoy supervising student research. With students, I study applications and numerical methods for solving PDEs, questions in analysis, as well as machine learning in categorization. Recent masters students have considered problems in control and stabilization of PDEs as well as studying optimization methods.

Below is a description of funding sources supporting my students in AY2016-17.

Preparing Undergraduates through Mentoring PUMP. Faculty members in math departments across CSU campuses mentor students, typically from Historically Underrepresented Groups (HUGs) and provide meaningful research opportunities. Students receive preparation and financial support towards a Ph.D. program in the mathematical sciences.

Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. Best practices in supervising undergraduate research in mathematics are put in action.


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